Sunday, 30 September 2012

Die Facebook Die -Awesome T's you must buy

You realised you just spent 3 hours reading your Facebook news feed while you really should’ve been writing that paper due tomorrow. To make it even worse, most of the status updates were completely uninteresting messages about FarmVille. Your mind is saying “DIE FACEBOOK DIE” but your heart is screaming for more. Rock Paper Scissors, designers of streetwear clothing, knows how you’re feeling and made these black-on-white and white-on-black “DIE FACEBOOK DIE” t-shirts. For haters. And part-time lovers.

 Die Facebook Die
According to my own research, they’re currently only available in Europe via Zoovillage.comfor €27 (about $39) each.
By the way, remember the post we did on funny status updates you can wear? Well, the guys at Threadless are having a sale today: all t-shirts for $9 (guess why precisely that price!).
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