Tuesday, 2 October 2012

How to have profile pictures in photostream ?

Hello Friends...
New Facebook Profile Tagged PhotosIn the previous posts we have talked about tagging friends upside down.Now i'm going to talk about a hack for users who wants how to put their Profile Pictures in the Photostream instead of the 5 recently tagged pictures.

New Facebook Profile Tagged Photos
  • Go to your photos by clicking the “Photos” link under your current Profile Picture.
  •  Click on your “Profile Pictures” photo album.
  • Click and then tag yourself in the five Profile Pictures you want to display in your Photostream. If were already tagged in a picture, first click “Remove tag” behind your name and re-tag yourself.

As soon as somebody tags you into new pictures, “hide” them from your Photostream by clicking the little X button in the top right corner of each thumbnail.Don't forget to like us on Facebook..................
Hope you enjoyed the post..........:p
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