Saturday, 6 October 2012

How to View Hidden Friend list of a Facebook User

 NOW ! facebook is most popular site where people interact with many people who some time unknown to him/her .as human is a curious creature, who wnats to know about with whom they are living, talking or seeing .in this article ,people are finding new friends on facebook and trying to know about that person whom they find interesting .girlfreind wants to get the all details of her boyfriend's facbook account and vice-versa 
also guys wants to break the privacy of some "hot" clicks and to view hidden friends list so they can jump to the friend circle of her . never mind, people are doing what ever they want to, i just to share this simple trick. this will help you to get access to friend list o your choice facebook profile user 

  • Create a Facebook account with some Genuine information
  • Send friend request to the user.Wait till you get accepted
  • after that click on the >>>>>link<<<<< 
Yes! this is a friend suggestion for your new account which is a mutual friend to your targeted user. Scroll down to see the all friends.

Hope you all enjoyed the post!!!!!!!!!>>>>>>>Happy Facebooking<<<<<<<!!!!!
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