Saturday, 13 October 2012

Short Facebook Note Survey About Boys And Your Life

Hello Facebooker's..
 So far i've posted many posts.Now i think this is the high time to intorduce facebook Notes.Facebook Notes is a thing that provides you a platform to store and share your all stuff on facebook.But they are  not widely used .I just want to introduce people that they can have fun on facebook even on sharing their notes and news with their friends.Getting on to the post.I'm Posting some notes about quiz. This free facebook quiz asks you questions about boys and your boyfriends in your life. Share the answers with your friends on your facebook profile.

Copy and paste the below to a new facebook note:
Got a boyfriend?:
Had a boy say “I love you” to you?:
Been on a group date?:
Been cheated on or cheated on them?:
Had a boy write/record a song and sing it for you?:
Talked on the phone til the hours of dawn with a boy?:
Watched a sunset/sunrise with a boy?:
Taken pictures with a boy?:
Held hands with a boy?:
Been to a boys house?:
In their room?:
Talked to a boy online/email?:
Walked with your arms around a boy or vice versa?:
What color is your underwear?
What’s on your mind right now?
What are you doing right now?
What did you do today?
Have you done something bad today?
Are you jealous of someone right now?

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Note: The Pic i Uploaded is my Notes Screen

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