Monday, 1 October 2012

SmartSync: Sync iPhone Contacts With Your Facebook Friends

If most of your Facebook friends are listed in your iPhone contacts and vice versa, it makes perfectly sense to sync this data and automatically import details from their Facebook profiles to your device. SmartSync by Ultimake is an easy-to-use app that will update your iPhone contacts with their Facebook profile picture, birthday, most recent status update, website
, company and job information.
SmartSync for iPhone and Facebook SmartSync integrates Facebook photos, updates and check-ins
Optionally, this app will embed their latest status update or check-in (at the time of syncing) into their profile picture, and send you birthday reminders (if you have hundreds of friends, prepare to receive one almost every day).
TIP: You can skip the part where you have to share your phone number right after firing up the app.
For a limited time, SmartSync 4.1 is available for free, so download it today and enjoy it forever.
Happy syncing friends................:p
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