Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Tag your friends upside-down

Rotated your profile picture, posting upside down statuses and already bored with Upside Down Facebook status? Then here’s a new Tag Your Friends picture for you to use today.
The Tag your upside down friends tagboard includes the photos of 12 different characters depicted by decorated upside down faces. Don’t they look funny?

You can tag your friends as…
  1. the cutie
  2. the gentleman
  3. the blonde
  4. the candyman
  5. the hippie
  6. the buddy
  7. the king
  8. Mr. Cool
  9. the Scot
  10. the sweet tooth
  11. the geek
  12. the biker
How to use a Facebook tag picture:
  1. Right-click and save the image above to your computer.
  2. Upload it to any of your Facebook photo albums or your wall.
  3. Tag your friends or let them tag themselves.
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