Sunday, 18 November 2012

Funny Facebook Status Tag Games

Here are some great, fun-to-play status update games for Facebook. Each status chain game has a theme like ‘you’re living in a castle’ and you have to choose a friend as each of the people in the ‘castle’. You choose a friend by tagging them next to the description you think they are most like. Tag a friend by typing an ‘@’ then their name. Just copy and paste the game you want to play to your Facebook status.You'll surely get likes on these status updates

The Royal Facebook Status Tagging Friends Game
You live in a castle. Tag 9 of your friends:
The Queen:
The King:
The Butler:
The Prince:
The Princess:
The 2 maids:
The 2 gardeners:
The Nursing Home Status Tagging Friends Funny Status Game
You’re old and in a nursing home. Tag 8 of your friends:
1. Old naked man wearing nothing but a dusty old robe:
2. Old man/woman who drools all over themselves:
3. Old lady with too much make-up:
4. Angry old man who always complains:
5. Old lady with a dusty tilted wig:
6. Old man who says, “Pull my finger”:
7. Crazy WW2 old man who is your roommate:
8. Old lady who moans about young people:
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