Wednesday, 14 November 2012

New Messaging Features to prevent Fake Profiles

fbtrack.blogspot.comFacebook as we all know the biggest social media used daily world wide and still it is increasing.As there is an average of 2 lac people who register an new account on facebook.Now getting on to the topic.Facebook is now improving their messaging terminal.As we all know about the new messages layout.These feature ensures a better experience in sending messages to your friends on facebook. Now the developers added two new features:

  • 1.Can report bug to any single message
  • 2.Can trace location of any message sent.

See Below pic to ensure the new features:

Checkout your messages window through Link---->>>>Facebook Messages<<<<----

Why are these features important? 

These features are important because it not only helps us to be more secure and also lets us to know from where it has been sent.The traced location can tell us about the place and get that culprit who's just irritating us since a long time using "Fake Profiles".Well these feautres will decrease the rate of fake profiles on facebook.
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