Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Tag Your Friends as Smileys

It's been a while since we posted another tag your friends pic,so let’s conclude this week with another one of these popular Facebook posters.No cartoon characters included in this pic but a no. of smileys or a collage of emoticons.We've tried to create a great tag your friends pic      to have fun tagging friends.Tag your Friends as

  • The punk
  • The web addict
  • The sleepyhead
  • The rocker
  • The bully
  • The Don Juan
  • The shy one
  • The horny devil
  • The Sherlock
  • The bubblicious one
  • The phone addict
  • The loser
  • The robot
  • The allnighter
  • The optimist
  • The freak
  • The Philosopher
  • The paparazzi
  • The psycho
  • The poindexter

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