Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Why Facebook social network uses Blue Colour ?

fbtrack.blogspot.comFacebook, the giant of social world reached one billion mark recently and I have no need to explain it to you.Do you Ever wondered and notice why is Facebook is blue in color and not uses any other color.As a regular facebook user you must know that why facebook uses blue everywhere.When you open Facebook, the first thing that you notice is the blue color everywhere.You might be thinking that what’s new in that every website has some uniqueness but in case of Facebook the reasons are different and quit interesting as well.
Ever since they started the facebook they doesn’t switch to any other color other then blue color. Although major changes have been made in the Facebook theme like facebook timeline etc , the major unchanged  has been the blue color.Facebook from its early days when it was known as  the facebook.
There may be number of reason for this blue color but I will talk about the interesting one which you might not know.


Reason 1: Mark Zuckerber:

One of the interesting reason for this blue facebook sky is itself Mark Zuckerberg,the co founder of facebook.And it is interesting one and I am sure many of you are not aware of this.The reason for this is that  Mark Zuckerberg, the young founder of Facebook is red-green color-blind and blue is the richest color for him which he confirmed in an online interview with Leo Laporte.
A New Yorker story on Mark Zuckerberg explains why Facebook is all blue in color. It says the young Facebook founder is color blind but can see blue.
Colors don’t matter much to Zuckerberg; a few years ago, he took an online test and realized that he was red-green color-blind. Blue is Facebook’s dominant color, because, as he said, “blue is the richest color for me – I can see all of blue.”

Reason 2:The Best Color For Human:

Another important commercial factor for using blue color is the fact that Blue color acts as a transparent background to the main content as visible to the human brain and is compatible with human eye, on the other hand most other colors tends to distract the viewers.Hence due to which most popular websites tend to use the blue color. It can easily be called a webmaster’s favorite color. Blue color is also sometimes referred to as ‘Nirvana’ for the brain. All these factors make blue a prominent color on Facebook. 

From The Author:

Although you can change facebook theme and there are many things which you can customized easily and in future there will be more changes in facebook.As I have mentioned earlier, that as a regular facebook user you must know this reason,specially the First one and also inform your friends about this.You can easily share this post to your favorite social site by just clicking the social buttons given at the end of the post.Till then peace and happy facebooking....!!!!!!!!!
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