Sunday, 2 December 2012

How To Get a Detailed Report of Your Facebook Life?

Wolfram  Alpha the Knowledge Engine has introduced a new tool that analyses your Facebook data and gives a detailed report ranging from the relationship statutes of your friends to top commentators and even the eldest and youngest one of your friends.

This new tool from Wolfram Alpha might definitely not tell you who visited your  Facebook Profile but gives interesting information about your Facebook life.

Here is How to Analyse your Facebook Data

  • Go to Wolfram Alpha and type in "facebook report" or click Here.
  • Click the Analyse My Facebook Data button and it takes you to Facebook where you are  prompted to give permission to Wolfram Connection App which can access your profile and history.
  • Once the App completes analyzing your Facebook Data it gives a detailed report of your life on Facebook.
  • You can also type in "my facebook friends" to get some statistics like percent of male vs female friend ratio,Friends with the most mutual friends etc.
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