Thursday, 25 July 2013

Tag YouR Friends Personality Wise : Game

Hey Ya All Friends..!!
Howz you all???
If you want to get your friends attention on Facebook and get them to like your picture the play this game! You can tag your friends as ‘the crazy one’, ‘the loud one’, ‘the drama queen’, ‘the girly one’, ‘the artist’, ‘the geek’ and ‘the one who never stops talking’!
There’s a personality description for all of your friends and you just need to match them up to play the game! Then they can post the picture on their Facebook page and play the game too.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Facebook's New ProFile and Home View

Hello Friends.
It's been so long since I have updated my blog. Now we have got some good and cool news for all of you. Since I have noticed it after a few days I thought that other people should also know about this. Well, some of you will find it quite interesting. This post is about the new look of Facebook(Home and Profile). Well the Noticable changes are of the New tab of Friend Requests,Messages and Notifications...!!

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Free Facebook Cover Maker

Make Facebook Cover
Friends got an awesome soft. for people loving facebook covers.Bored of your current Facebook profile cover? Want to impress your friends with a new and cool timeline cover picture? Check out this awesome free cover maker.
You can create your own Facebook profile cover with Make a Cover for Facebook. This cool free tool allows you to make your own cartoon Facebook timeline cover with just a few clicks.

Monday, 7 January 2013

How to Make Pages from Mobile Phones??

Hey YA! Facebook Lover's it has been around a month since i have posted something on my blog,but now i've got something cooler for my buddies who loves to explore facebook from their mobiles and also loves to make new pages and want a bit of visitors to like their posts Daily.The Good News is this that now you can create pages from your mobiles.Isn't that great.

Friday, 28 December 2012

Facebook Poke Becomes SnapChat like Iphone APPS

There’s not enough Poking on Facebook these days. The feature that’s always been part of the social network since its early days, has lately lost its prominent front page estate. Seriously, can you even find the Poke button anymore?* But today, Facebook is bringing the love back with the Facebook Poke app which lets you “poke your friends to share fun moments or just say hello”.

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